Smallville is a community building cultural project for rural areas.

Project manager: Elias Adam | Supported by START – Create Cultural Change

About Smallville

Smallville is an initiative that shapes the concept of social interaction in rural areas. It confronts the problem of social exclusion, aspiring to empower the social nexus of small geographical communities. Smallville builds a community that allows interaction and participation to take place in rural contexts; therefore Smallville takes care that groups, which are usually excluded, are also invited. As its nature is highly adaptable, it has the capability to suit to the unique characteristics of different towns. This project transforms the small town into an all-inclusive territory and acts as an igniter to promote access to the cultural offer beyond the urban contexts.


Smallville Project from Elias Adam on Vimeo.

How does it accomplish it?

#1 Informal Social Councils

meetings for citizens, who interact, share stories, deconstruct and recreate ideas and finally learn in a safe environment of informal education. The goal is to empower the citizens’ network and motivate them to create change.

#2 Documenary theater with non-professional actors

As it is born out of the storytelling culture, Smallville uses documentary theater with non-professional actors as a vehicle for maximizing interaction. The citizens are empowered to bring their experience on stage, thus communicating it with more people.

#3 Smallville Network

the citizens’ network is built in a sustainable way, so that they continue to act towards change-making.


Currently, “Smallville” is Xilokastro.

Smallville Crew

  • Elias Adam / project manager
  • Dimitris Mpampilis / director and content developer
  • Sofia Panopoulou / local communication and production assistant
  • Antonis Vallindras / video artist
  • Stavros Habakis / photographer
  • Stavros Dimopoulos / research assistant
  • Katerina Kouroumali / stage design assistant